Monday, January 17, 2011

Earn money quick?

Yes it is possible to earn money quick. There are full proof ways to earn without having to leave your house! Google Adsense is one of the many ways to earn money. You  dont even need to be over 18 to get money many employers are looking for mature teenagers to do easy jobs such as Data Entry and will pay top dollar if you do a good job.

These are 4 easy ways to make money online in no particular order:
1.) Google Adsense. Google Adsense has been around for a while cashing out money to people who get traffic to their blogs. When the visitors click on their website ad Google Adsense pays the blogger. Easy as that.

2.) Data Entry. Data Entry is an easy job that can be used by teens and adults. Employers are lookiing for someone that can do a good job filling in graphs and forms and will pay top dollar for these documents.

3.) Freelance Writing. Freelance writing is the most hassle free job you can have. You can write articles for your local paper. You can write for certain websites. All on your own time with no boss to worry about. Although most places will only take you if you are over 18

4.) Create a How-to. Many sites run how-to's to help people in need of guidance. Wikihow is one of many companies that need help from people like you to write how-to's. The job is simple and fun and if you get enough page views you can earn a lot of money.

These at home jobs are easy and so much fun that you can make a lot of money.


  1. Yeah, hopefully this blogging thing can buy me a decent amount of food at least.

  2. hmm ill have to check out the data entry thing